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Bizarrist, 'Arcane' Wins
 Edinburgh Magic Circle  Competition.

Congratulations to Arcane a.k.a. Trevor McCombie.


On 25th February 2002, the Edinburgh Magic Circle held it's annual 'Sonny Day Close-Up Competition'.

Sonny Day was a former member of the Edinburgh Magic Circle. The award/competition was started after his death. It is now an annual competition and has been going for about 15 years.

Past winners include - Peter Lamont, Paul Wilson and Lewis Barlow. The competitors are the usual, a mix of close-up magicians performing card and coin routines. But not this year…

'Arcane' (a.k.a. Trevor McCombie) entered the competition with a well thought out and presented Bizarre/Séance act AND WON! The first Bizarre act to win the competition.

Overview of Arcane,
 Historian of the past, present & future events.

An engaging performer of the bizarre, Arcane leads you through an interesting journey of the macabre. The tales will intrigue, the magick will often disturb.

Arcane will draw you in as you become personally involved in his dreams, his wisdom and the past. Amongst others, learn the fate of the late Dr Fian, the discovery that occurred on Arthur's Seat and Arcane himself discovering his own death.

Should you be remotely sceptic and require further depth, watch Arcane specifically predict your next action using unusual artefacts such as tarot cards, runes, coffins, and other objects of no apparent origin.

Above all, this is entertainment, just not as you know it…

The Beginning.

Arcane first appeared in public in 2001. After honing his persona and routines since 1990, he first performed for an unsuspecting audience in October 2001.

Where did he come from, some would say Hell. But in truth he was born through the annoyance of watching magic being performed badly. He decided the only way to get magicians and lay-public to sit up and take notice again, was to shock!! Although his background is mainly Mentalism – Arcane uses all forms of Magic(k) to weave his many ENTERTAINING tales and he will continue to do so.

Be afraid, be very afraid!!

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