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Deceptions Convention.

Hosted by Rick & Tammy Maue on 24th. & 25th. August.

"Rick and Tammy Maue did an excellent job last weekend.  It looks like there's someone out there who will pick up the torch of the Invocational/Weeerd Weekends and carry it on. Great food, good people and lectures and all done very business-like with no major screw-ups anywhere...Behold A Miracle!  It was great to see the East coast contingent so well attended. I had a really great time.  And if you have never been there, don't let anyone tell you Pittsburgh is anything but down home and comfortable.  Rick's Haunted Chamber is one of the most well thought out and put together séance rooms/chambers I have had the pleasure to walk through.  Check it out if you can get a chance.  Thanks again Rick & Tammy! To all those who were there, thanks for a memorable weekend, to those who missed out: Better be thinking about next year!"

Reviewed by Mark Edward.

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