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Northeast Bizarre Magick Competition.

28th.April, Boston, U.S.A. .

Saturday the 28th of April was Earth Day, what better day for the first NORTHEAST BIZARRE MAGICK COMPETITION?  It was a fantastic night of Magick. First, let me tell you what happened before the event.

I arrived at the Community Church of Boston to assist with the set up and was greeted by Joe Cabral, Grand Magus of the ICBM.  Then I looked towards the street and saw Dave Mousch also of the ICBM.  They had arrived from Connecticut with a truckload of goodies.  A sound system, backdrops, and the always needed duct tape.  Two angels from Heaven (?) with all the extras (and experience) to help make our contest a success.  Many thanks!

Under the able direction of Salem's Lott Director of Operations, Fish Fishman, we all got the hall ready for the 7:00 PM event.   At 7:00 PM, we were still awaiting the arrival of a few of the guests and our Master of Ceremonies (MC).  A short announcement was made to delay the event for 10 minutes.    Then we got the word, our MC was ill.  Special Thanks go to Dave Mousch who once again jumped in and filled this vacancy.

The competition opened with the announcement of the judges by Arch Mage of Salem's Lott, Brother William (Bill LeBlanc).  They were:  Eric Rochelle, professional magician, chief demonstrator at Hank Lee's Magic Factory, and all around nice guy.  Joe Cabral, Grand Magus of the ICBM, Mr.
Preparation, and Magi Fantastic. And Donato Colucci, Magician and  producer. Brother William then conducted a ceremony to open the event.  Dave Mousch was next introduced as MC.  He explained a little about Bizarre Magick then introduced a pre-competition act to get the blood flowing.  The Grand Magus of the ICBM himself, Joe Cabral.  Joe did an amazing act and got the audience worked up, and the acts to follow just a bit nervous.  They would have to follow him! 

Dave Mousch returned to the stage and the competition began.   The next hour and a half was filled with high magick, alchemy, tales of woe, severed fingers, blood, wine, animated objects, tarot cards, and yes, even a card trick.  But it was not over yet! Arch Mage Brother William entertained the audience with feats of mentalism while the judges reviewed their notes.  Then the results were in.

Brother William made the announcements:
In First Place was the ICBM's own, David Birtwell. In Second Place was Salem's Lott member, Tony Lacoviello.  In third Place
was Salem's Lott member and Director of Operations, Fish Fishman. But the real winner was the audience.  They had a great night's entertainment. 

The audience departed, and then it was time for clean up.  And yes, returning Joe's goodies and helping him reload his truck.  (Yes, the magick act was the easy part).

Thanks to all who attended and helped make the NORTHEAST BIZARRE MAGICK COMPETITION  such a great time.  Special thanks to Joe and Dave.  We love you guys.  Oh yeah, just wait until next year!

Tony Lacoviello

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